Yep, that’s a Galapagos tortoise. Yep, it’s in the Galapagos Islands. Photo by my husband.

I am Tara Haelle, a photographer, former high school teacher, current adjunct journalism professor (Bradley University),aspiring children’s book writer, SAT/ACT/GRE prep instructor, avid scuba diver, shark lover, former triathlete, sometimes yogi and eternally curious journalist who primarily specializes in health and science reporting. I was once a world traveler, eating strange insects, climbing ancient ruins and swimming with sharks, but that was before I became a mom (though I know those days beckon again soon).

I also blog about health and science for parents at Red Wine & Apple Sauce, am senior editor of mental health at dailyRx News and a health editor at Double X Science. I am most passionate about reporting on vaccines, marine biology, mental health, parenting and prenatal and children’s health, but I also dream of a day when I can revamp the entire U.S. educational system to improve reading instruction, science literacy and critical thinking skills (all of which will require the abolition of nearly any standardized test).

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